November 10, 2010

On My Own.

It's not falling, it's the sudden stop at the end. 
The electric current that rips through me,
like a train without brakes. 
It's not the falling...
It's just the continual tie between then and now.
But then, then never did exist. 
It's the sudden stop. 
When I see through your sour lies. 
And the rampage of wild-crazy nights. 
Then after your gone and it's too late,
that sickly familiar lack of passion starts to raise.
It's not the falling... 
Being without you, there's that sudden stop at the end. 
I had you at this time, and in this life.
And now there's nothing but the falling,
when I realize, in the end, you were nothing but...
a sudden stop into consciousness.


  1. you are beautiful inside and out. you are a breath of fresh air in this fake, cruel world. you are different, and unique. and i have always admired you for that. you are my sister, and always will be. i am eternally thankful for your friendship, and all that you have taught me.

    i love you.

  2. awe, Al! I love you too! this was exactly what I needed to hear today! are you psychic?