January 1, 2011

New Years... A new year. It's 2011 & that's a scary thought. Tonight was perfect though. It was my first New Years with a boy-friend. & we celebrated in downtown OKC with my friends & we watched the ball raise (apparently Oklahoma has to be different than the other 49 states.) & the fireworks display. & then I went to my best-friend's house & made puppy chow & talked about our lives. Where they've been, where they're going. & everything else that comes with life. & now it's the first day of 2011. It's bright. I think anyway, I haven't been outside just yet. It's early. & I'm watching the Nanny, although I haven't even gone to bed. I'm laying on the couch in my best-friend Alyssa's living room thinking about New Years resolutions. The things I could change or should, things I can improve on. We all know the drill. So before the year gets started I need to figure out what I want my resolution to be. Here are some of my ideas:

1. Keep my bedroom clean. Now I don't mean spotless, but I don't want a ginormous pile of clothes growing a personality in the corner of my room. 

2. Find a new addiction that isn't undead, pale, or a blood drinker. Something that doesn't sparkle, have impossibly perfect tan abs & get my hopes up about the "perfect man." But also something that isn't coffee or chocolate. 

3. Read all the unread books on my bookshelf & do not buy another single book until I've read the 15 unread ones.

Of course, there are more. I am sure I will keep thinking of them as this new year goes on. But for now, all that matters is that I at least came up with one. I will do the best I can. No perfection, no ideals, just picking up where I left off, but making everything better. & laugh when something hurts. Because laughter is crucial! Oh! & the Cold That Will Not Leave, LEFT. Except my boy-friend is still without his voice, sadly. But I am perfectly myself again. So it's back to work on Monday & back to editing my book & cleaning, cooking, etc. Ha! Yeah, right. I'm not married & I live at home. It's back to working, staying up late, watching too much tv & hopefully getting another step closer to finishing my books. Goodnight everyone. & I hope your New Year was just as well as mine. :)