April 3, 2011

     In the sunlight the grass was a deep green. Pure emerald, like my mother's old ring.
     Her chest slowly moved up and down as she slept. It's the first time she's let her guard down since we left the old shack.
     She'll never trust you, I think. She thinks you're scum.
     I sigh as I think about touching her golden hair. I just want to see if it's as soft as it looks. Softly I slip a strand through my index and middle finger. I'm not surprised when it feels like silk. Although it's a little dirty, it's still beautiful.
     I've read books that took place in summer. The characters explained that summer is a time of brightness, warmth, and delight. Even though I've never experienced a summer, whatever that is, if summer were a person, it would be this girl. I'm certain because of the way I feel when I'm around her.
     Before I could pull my hand away she rolled over. Her face was inches away from mine, eyes still closed.
     The sun would be all the way up soon. We have maybe ten minutes before we have to take off to the nearest shack.
     "I'll save you," I whisper.
     And that's when her eyes pop open and we're staring at each other.
     "Do you promise me?" she asks. Almost pleads.
     I nod as my heartbeat quickens. This feeling, it's new to me. I can't quite figure out what it is. "I promise," I say, as I slip her hand into mine. And for the first time, she doesn't pull away.

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